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DOLLA Personal Loan

For any personal related expense that you need to cover. Once the application process is complete, we’ll send you your money the same day.

Dolla Micro Funder

DOLLA Micro-Funder

Need to purchase some equipment or just need to complete a deal? You can use the Dolla Micro-Funder to get things going.

Dolla Elite


This facility is available to assist business customers with managing cash flow especially in instances where expenditure has been made before income in received.

Dolla SME Assist


Do you run a small or medium sized enterprise and you’re thinking big? We can provide cash for business operations, equipment or other asset purchases and bridge financing.

Dolla Valu Loans


Need a line of credit for your small or medium sized business? Has it  been in operation for more than three (3) years? We can provide your enterprise with flexible loan that you can access as needed.

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